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Shotguns Update

2016-07-25 00:48:15 by ttaisawesome

Hey It's your boy TTA agaim, saving you from the verge of suicide with another update

The shotguns are done -well, to be fair, they have been done for quite awhile, i just haven't been working on the text for them, but, I guess to hell with it. If you guys really care enough about a gun to want to learn about, just look it up yourself for the moment. I will update the text for the shotguns someday, but currently I just have no motivation or care for doing it. 

That being said, with the shotguns being done, I'm done with the firearms for quite awhile as well. I probably wont work on them for a good year/ year-and-a-half.

Don't fret, though. It's not like I'm giving up on them. I'm just taking a break from them. 

If I do ever get into the gun-drawing mood, I'll let you all know. 

Here's the link for you bb ;)

I've put more into time and cares currently into finally getting my webcomic series off the ground. It'll most likely be what I work on from now on, in addition to the occassional pinup or two. 

You can check out my webcomic series here, just be aware it is currently on pause due to lack of motivation -

Rifles Update

2016-04-08 23:41:31 by ttaisawesome

hey folks hows it going its big boy TTA again telling you why you shouldn't off yourselves with your daddy's shotgun 

Today I have great news, because everyone's favorite super-detailed, super-knowledge filled gun sheet has finally been updated with ASSAULT RIFLES 


everybody check them out here

I'm actually not going to go on and do the bolt, single and semi-auto rifles next - as much as they need to be worked on, I need to rehaul the SHIT out of the shotguns, and most of them both lookes like shit or just arent simply there to begin with so expect those next, sometime around May or June, hopefully. 

2016 Update

2016-01-18 00:33:50 by ttaisawesome

Hey guys how's it going

it's me again

Progress on Gun sheet -

Submachine guns should be out before the end of the week, promise. All I need to do is finish up the text of all them and then It's all done for SMG's.

I've recently gone quite fond of drawing pin-ups, and if you want to see some recent ones I made, like the Hex Girls from Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost, check them out above in my art shit.

Follow me on Twitter for updates/news -

so, uh - ya that's about it

Gun sheet MASSIVE update

2015-12-03 18:32:33 by ttaisawesome

Ya so remember how I said I have little to no motivation to work on that gun sheet anymore? Ya well thanks to @Delavas I finally got around to updating that son-of-a-whore sprite sheet so I actually doesn't look like utter shit anymore. 

Right now all that has been update is the handguns (with an addition to a title frame for better navigation). This major-fuck update brought back the informational paragraphs, gun name, caliber, magazine size and rate of fire texts, and several guns (within the handguns) have been re-colored, re-worked or re-drawn entirely for sake of them looking better or more fitting to Madness-style animations. Many have even been resized to better be proportional to (at least mine own) Madness characters. Additionally every grip texture has been remade to instead be an inlaid series of repeating patterns instead of just shittily drawn-in lines of two different colors to make them look better from farther distances. 

Since many of the sub-machine guns are within my realm of satisfactory, except the next update, which will add in all the information for each gun, exactly like how it is with the handguns, along with recoloring, resizing, reworking, and possibly a few redraws if necessary. 

Note that just because the gun is not within the frame, that it is within the Flash Library under its own files. 

And remember - if you use them, please give credit! It's already bad enough I spend 2-5 hours working on these damn things for free, let alone to not get credit where credit should be due. 

But enough of my shit, here's the link to the .fla file so everybody and their fucking grandmother can use them without crediting me ever -

Also if you want, you can follow me on Twitter (, where I post pictures of my recently finished guns and am more than happily willing to take ideas for new guns to add into my sprite sheet.

If you would like to directly talk to me about graphics art, animation help or anything else, you can add me on Skype (my username is in that little box thingie-ma-jig). 


downwards rejection

2015-07-27 03:03:21 by ttaisawesome


Sorry I've just been busy. Im done with High School and moving on to College so I can actually be good at art and like what I produce. 

I'm done with the Madness Community. I'm not saying I won't support it, because I will always support the things I love, but I am done with it. The community is too over-saturated with dumb noobs who don't know what it is to be an animator and the community is just to big to know everyone and get along with them (albiet, some I never wanted to get along with in the first place).

if you are her for my oh-so popular weapons sheet, it is still being worked on, and the latest version has been uploaded and can be veiwed here - 

Note that I barely ever work on this anymore because It gets boring tracing over gun after gun after gun to get little to no output from it besides the usual "Oh wow TTA those look really cool" or a Madness animation that used them and then I get credited at the very end of the animation as if someone watches the credits for that shit. If I could get payed to do shit like that, yes of course did be willing to do it more than once or twice a year for a couple of days, but I don't, so I don't. 

I've moved on to ideas that I believe are best suited for me. I want to make Graphic Novels/Comic Books for a living. I've always been about telling a story and having a picture available to help the reader along. Ever since Middle School I've loved doing comics for my classmates and friends to read. I stopped because I ran out of ideas and material to reference. 

Now that I am older and smarter than I was in Middle School, I want to restart a passion I had when I was younger, and passion I had before I devoted myself to the Madness Community and all the years I've spent being one. 

If you want to see a small amount of shit that I've done for my comic book idea, than I upload what I've worked on for the past several months onto the Art Portal. Check them out if interested, rate them, comment on them, yadda-yadda you get the message. 

if you are interested in keeping in touch with me:

Skype -b0nf1r3_thelier

Twitter - @Not_b0nf1r3

Tumblr -

yearly update #221343254324

2015-02-03 22:13:12 by ttaisawesome


Man, I'm just fucking lazy. It's simple as that. Those guns I draw take several hours on end and I, although I do have the time to do so, waste it either on watching porn or just playin' PS3. One of these things I need to stop doing very soon (ILL GIVE YOU A HINT - ITS NOT THE PS3).

I got College comin' up in several months. Hopefully before I spend another lifetime there I can finish those guns, make a goddamned animation - preferabely Madness Affiliation - and then fall off the face of the earth again.

You Madness noobs are real persisent , though. You guys keep bringing me back to work on those damn guns. Listen, if you guys want them so much and so badly - all you gotta do is ask me to get off my lazy ass and do it. Hell I finished 2-3 a good couple of months ago and then lost motivation again. I would like to give a nice shout-out to @Victor999Wimbleton for giving me enough motivation to even make an update post in the first place. Keep this up and I'll update a month or two a year (THAT'S A JOKE, LADIES AND GENTLEMANS).

As @ZMatrix likes to call it - I think I have an uncurable case of the "Unspark" - a lack of motivation, or a surplus of lazyness - whatever. I hope it goes away in the distant future, or just goes away now. Regardless, It needs to leave. And I need to get my ass workin'. 

Any of you faggots wanna talk add me on skype - B0NF1R3_THELIER

or Add me on PSN - B0NF1R3_THELIER

Or follow me on TwatBird - Not_B0NF1R3

Oh wow an update

2014-07-19 13:19:11 by ttaisawesome


After a fucking millenia of losing motivation on the gunz sheet, I'm starting to work on them again. 

Hopefully the rifles will be done by Madness Day (maybe before).

Hopefully the whole thing will be done before the end of the year. 

Any of you weirdos want to chat or something just add me on Skype




2014-05-09 20:38:12 by ttaisawesome


Gunz are doing good. Almost done with assault rifles. 

Busy working on a webcomic that I really care about starting. 

School is hard, frustrating, and almost done. 

Talk to me VIA my FACEBOOK



SMGs Done

2014-01-04 17:30:58 by ttaisawesome

The SMG and PDW category in the sprite sheet are done, on to the rifles, hopefully they won't take 6 months to finish.

enjoi the nice guns


2013-12-05 19:58:13 by ttaisawesome

Oh hey, how it's going? 

Sorry it's taken me fucking forever to update, but im busy.

You know, with the sprite sheet and with school. 

The sheet will not be done by Christmas- but instead a pre-release will be uploaded showing the progress i'm currently will be at. Nearly every gun within the sheet has been remade to be 100% more realistic, shinier and madness qualified. Some guns have also been replaced with better ones, another heads up.

The sheet, however, is extremely big and extremely laggy, taking up a whooping 20 KB (for comparision, The MC9 sprite sheet is the same amount) for just sprites and text alone.

The sheet's new text update is a bitch-in-a-half aswell, as the new text is no longer just quick facts, but a brief 5 to 10 sentence synopsis, so trying to fit all of that onto one keyframe is a pain in my ass. I'm still currently on the SMG's and PDW's, but they will be done very soon (within my terms) and soon I will be heading on to the cringe-worthy Assault Rifles, which haven't even been touched. 

The sheet, however, is no longer a top concern. I'm no longer caring about the Madness community, and as my flame dies down and Newgrounds begins to become more foriegn and more boring, I begin to go to this place less and less. Youtube is now the daily thing for me, and even that i'm starting to despise. 

Everything i've been wanting to do on Newgrounds has been put on a back-burner until I feel its necessary to come back to it finally. I still work on the sheet alot, but not as much as I used to. I'm busier with newer, more interesting things for myself, many of which I refuse to talk about here as I have many enemies on this site thanks to my opinionated personality and hateful, angry nature, not to mention my stupidity from my younger years. 

TL;DR - fuck you, just read the whole thing, you lazy fuck. Seriously.


As I promised, the Christmas pre-release, consider it my Christmas present.