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Oh wow an update

2014-07-19 13:19:11 by ttaisawesome


After a fucking millenia of losing motivation on the gunz sheet, I'm starting to work on them again. 

Hopefully the rifles will be done by Madness Day (maybe before).

Hopefully the whole thing will be done before the end of the year. 

Any of you weirdos want to chat or something just add me on Skype




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2014-07-21 23:17:49

Can i use your gun for my animation??
and don't worry i'll credit you.
P.S: Bad english???

ttaisawesome responds:

Of Course, they are for public use.


2014-08-21 00:07:47

Huh cool beans bro.

ttaisawesome responds:



2014-10-22 23:37:03

Everyone has died. The entire madness community is a ghost town.

ttaisawesome responds:

I'm aware.


2014-10-23 19:12:09

I wish it was back like the good ol' times. So whatcha' been up to lately?

ttaisawesome responds:

Gettin' ready to go to college soon.


2014-12-20 11:48:20

Need to add more Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles
and why you don't add guns sounds?

ttaisawesome responds:

Because the point of the sheet is realistic guns, not realistic gun sounds.
more snipers and MG's will be added - they take more time than others to make.


2014-12-20 16:46:39

Yeah I know,your sprite are nice,but are more better with sounds

ttaisawesome responds:

I DO have a sound sheet for it, but it is a separate file and I cannot upload any of them onto the NG dump due to the format.

Whenever I get around to not be super-fucking-busy-and-lazy-as-fuck and open my gun sheet from not working on it after half a year, I'll be sure to import that sounds folder into it. Promise.


2014-12-21 11:27:26

And need to add more shotguns(example:Sawed off Shotgun)

ttaisawesome responds:

A sawed off isn't exactly a very specific kind of gun, however.

More shotguns will be added, promise.


2014-12-21 11:53:19

Or you can put your sounds in a FLA file

ttaisawesome responds:

mp4 to fla on Flash 8 is glitchy as fuck.


2014-12-30 15:32:33

Hey I use you sprite ok?

ttaisawesome responds:

They are free for everyone's use for a reason.


2015-01-25 11:17:50

Add me on facebook to talk with you my ideas ok?

ttaisawesome responds:

my Facebook is sadly for close friends and family.

My Skype is always open, however.


2015-01-25 11:51:13

but I cannot have a skype account yet.

ttaisawesome responds:

Why the fuck not?

It's free. Download it.

If your parent's have a problem with it...

Well, we have a middle finger for a reason.


2015-01-27 17:16:55

I know it's free,and my parents does not have a problem,but I dont a account yet because my connection internet is too much slow.

ttaisawesome responds:

I believe if you are able to connect to Newgrounds than I think your computer can handle something like Skype.

If not, you can always add me on PSN - B0NF1R3_THELIER
Or Skype (Same username).

If you have neither, than I'm afraid we can always just communicate through NG.