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Entry #56

Shotguns Update

2016-07-25 00:48:15 by ttaisawesome

Hey It's your boy TTA agaim, saving you from the verge of suicide with another update

The shotguns are done -well, to be fair, they have been done for quite awhile, i just haven't been working on the text for them, but, I guess to hell with it. If you guys really care enough about a gun to want to learn about, just look it up yourself for the moment. I will update the text for the shotguns someday, but currently I just have no motivation or care for doing it. 

That being said, with the shotguns being done, I'm done with the firearms for quite awhile as well. I probably wont work on them for a good year/ year-and-a-half.

Don't fret, though. It's not like I'm giving up on them. I'm just taking a break from them. 

If I do ever get into the gun-drawing mood, I'll let you all know. 

Here's the link for you bb ;)

I've put more into time and cares currently into finally getting my webcomic series off the ground. It'll most likely be what I work on from now on, in addition to the occassional pinup or two. 

You can check out my webcomic series here, just be aware it is currently on pause due to lack of motivation -


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